Penguin’s Kindergarten

Puppet theater

Puppet theater is amazing for children. Sometimes we go to the theater and sometimes the theater comes to us to the kindergarten. We have already seen various performances such as "4 fairy tales with wolves behind the door," "About the nymph smaller than a poppy seed," "Goldilocks" and more. The…



Give your children the best start in life and develop their talents in the Penguin's Nursery School. Attendance of children may have different forms. Your child can stay at the nursery school all day or just in the morning or afternoon, and also either the whole week, or just selected days…


Pingu´s English

Pingu's English is an English course for children aged 2 to 9. Teaching is playful and entertaining. Under the leadership of native speakers with pedagogical education, the children naturally learn vocabulary and grammar. During the course, the children are accompanied by the adventures of the penguin Pingu and his family…



Our three-year old Šimon is very satisfied in the Penguin's nursery school. Every morning, he looks forward to his friends and the lady teachers. The environment is very pleasant; its colourful decorations, logically organized space and homely atmosphere promote positive feelings of the child. The nursery is situated in an…



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